Notes to my former lover. Feb. 24, 2018

I deserve such a great love. To where my I am so overwhelmed my chest splits open and my petals fall at my lovers feet. It's not you. Nor I for you.



"Your past so present you can feel your baby teeth." -Andrea Gibson Joseph asked me, "Where do you feel them?" To which I replied, "Lying dormant in between my rib cage to wake in the middle of the night gnawing on my heartstrings." Even after all this time, I still feel the hangnails from all… Continue reading Pressing

We slept.

You and I, Side by side in the same bed for the first time since last November.  The soles of my feet pressed up against your bare legs. I was dreaming of you again.  I don't know how to forget you, You're always just past arms length.