Three weeks in Thailand.. Day 6 / 22

For the past two months I was dwelling on this saying that my entire life had been flipped upside down with the marrow scraped out. 

Myself nothing but an empty shell with the bones keeping me from slipping into the cracks on the pavement; 

but what if it has been flipped right side up? 

What if this was so necessary? 

I’m beginning to believe it was. 

I’m learning to love myself and I’m recognizing my worth all over again. 

Making this home here in myself. 

There is so much more love in my heart to share, 

so many places to be, 

and so much more out there waiting for me. 

I am so overwhelmed with gratitude and love over everyone’s support for my “recovery” through my dark times.

 No longer trying to eat the yellow paint to make this masterpiece of myself.

 Thank you, with love. 

Current theme song- Whole Wide World by Big Tree 


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