The fox and the hare

And this is how it begins.

A slight brush amongst hands.

Knees touching under a dinner table. 

A bottle of wine shared on a living room floor. 

Dancing until we can barely catch our breath. 

These sparks ensue and set fire to the center of your chest.

The fireflies beat against your insides. Settle now.

It’s almost too soon. 

Too good and too soon.

Tender and raw.

My kiss on your lips, keep all of them. 

One by one put them in your coat pockets. 

Let them spill out on the highway. 

Bread crumbs leading me to you.

Our bodies crashing into one another in the silence of the night. 

Waves meet the shoreline.

To wake with the morning sun.
The smell of your skin on mine. 

Baby blues scanning the features inherited from my mother. 

Our legs like knots intertwined in the paisley sheets of your bed.

You lean over and press your lips to my shoulder blade. 

I’m sinking deeper than I intended to. 

This is how it begins. 


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