apr. 02, 2017 j.p

here we are dead case.

we let ourselves ache for the comfort of the blood rush.

how god damn meaningless.

to throw ourselves to the wave to come back to cold shores.

your eyes share the hunger.

i pull away.

i am guarding my heart.

buried deep in the dirt.

where have i heard this before?

do not try to dig it back up.

your knuckles will only come back bruised and bloody.

to return to bed alone.

it is not worth the effort.

caked with defeat.

a shout into the void.

no, it was not reckless this time.

i was careful.

i sent out the warning signs.

did not part my sea to show a clear path.

all the queens women with their weapons drawn.

do not pass.

this will be a blood bath.


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